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5 Reasons for Rejection of Mortgage Application


Rejection of mortgage application might be a frustration for several ones. There are so many reasons for denial. It would be a valuable thing to know the main reasons for application rejection. In this blog, we are going to mention some top reasons that you need to avoid in the future. Firstly, it is essential to recognize the financial statements to prevent any denial. Let’s have a look at the detail aspects that cause formal rejection.

Low credit history

Pay attention to credit history first because it’s a great way to find out either it would be a risky investment or not. When lenders see poor credit, they won’t allow you for a further mortgage because of rare chances in the future to get paid mortgage hassle free. Just fix the current credit statement to avoid future rejection.

Poor income

Make sure when you are applying for mortgage payment you should have all the income details to ensure lenders that you have certain assets to afford the loan. It’s essential to earn an adequate amount to pay mortgage loan. Have you already kept a record for financial documents to show your past year’s tax-paying history? Keep it to you when you are going for the application.

Problematic Property

Well, no one wants to indulge their selves with the problematic property because most of the time property’s value isn’t enough to get back the mortgage loan. This is the main reason that has been seen for rejection of mortgage application. It has been advised numerous applicants don’t go for mortgage application because there are chances that you would face rejection.

Inconsistent Employment history

It’s essential to have a consistent employment history, and while applying for a mortgage loan this factor is also in the notice of everyone. Numerous lenders need at least two years of regular employment for a loan. Do you have employment proof? Make sure you have employment proof to avoid rejection. Denial of a home mortgage loan can be a reason for this. Have some patience and collect first all the documents before applying for a mortgage.

Small Down Payment

Lenders always look down at the investment to keep low down payment in their consideration. If you haven’t done any saving yet then start saving now. Make sure down payment isn’t too small that would be a hurdle in approval of the application. Mortgage advice in Bristol is given by experts to avoid rejection issues. Keep in touch with professionals to avoid these circumstances.

These are the reasons that we have listed to avoid refusal of the mortgage application. We recommend you to keep all the mortgage application aspects into consideration. Note these important points to avoid any hassle.


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What to ponder while buying Loft Ladders?

There is no doubt that ladders help us reaching the loft through the boards that are often installed on the loft. However, you must know that there is a huge difference between normal and loft ladders so it is definitely important for you to buy a ladder that can actually give you the required result in the best way. Well, there are certain things that are vital to know before buying a loft ladder for your home and for this purpose, detailed facts are discussed here.

Measure the Dimensions!

The dimensions are of course necessary to measure as the complete length and width of the loft ladder should be right according to the loft. The ladders which seem wider than the loft boarding cannot pass through it and so you may have to ask the retailer to exchange the one. Taking the dimensions will help you get over such a situation and it will be easy for you to adjust the ladder right according to the loft board. Well, the standard loft ladders in Essex are usually made with exact dimensions and ensure great use too. So, you can buy standard loft ladders too rather going for customized one however for this purpose; make sure that the loft board is also of standard size.

Ensure the Quality!

It is quite important to ensure the quality of the ladder because most of the time, you may have to use the ladder for hectic work. Well, make sure that the ladder you buy prove durable enough to give a use for years as otherwise, it may break down while you climb up over it. The loft ladders in Essex are of different types as some can be folded back whereas some ladders contain stopper beneath for a strong grip on the floor. In short, if you will try to get a bit knowledge about ladders, it will become easy for you to choose the one with the best quality.

Choose a Well-Reputed Brand!

Brand obviously matters because it has been noticed that when people buy ladders from random retailers, the quality is affected even with a limited use only. Well, the ladders of well-reputed companies can give better use due to the warranty attached of years. If you find any crack or other faults in the ladder, you can claim the warranty but such benefit can be obtained in the case of a well-reputed company only. It can also prove great if you search on Google for the best loft ladder companies, you’ll surely come to know many names. These all facts are vital to ponder before buying a ladder for the loft.

What to Choose: Resin Bound or Clay Brick Pavers?

Whenever homeowners do renovation, they get stuck that which type of material will prove useful for their place. As driveway gives a unique touch to the entrance area so it is definitely crucial to choose the most useful material as driveways are more prone to wear and tear. Well, in Hertfordshire, people usually find it difficult to decide that whether resin bound should be installed or clay brick pavers. Well, it depends on the use and weather conditions. So, one should make sure to ponder the benefits of both materials.

Reasons to choose Clay Brick Pavers

  • Rich in Texture and Colour!

Although Clay brick pavers have been used for so many years however these are still considered best for driveways as the clay bricks are rich in colour and texture. Red bricks are quite common and look great as well. There are unlimited styles available in the market that means you won’t have to struggle for finding your favourite bricks.

  • Require Less Workmanship!

The clay bricks are easy to install and require less workmanship which is also an advantage of choosing these bricks for driveways. Moreover, time can also be saved while installing the bricks.

Reasons to choose Resin Bound

  • Hardwearing!

Resin bound is one of the most effective materials and contractors also recommend homeowners to install resin bound in Hertfordshire. If you want a long lasting use of driveway then there is no best option than resin bound as it resists wear and tear which makes it a strong material.

  • Smooth Surface!

When resin bound is selected for driveways, it ensures a smooth surface which gives an enticing appeal to the place. The surface resists the UV light and so the original shine of the driveway stays for a long time. Resin bound actually sustains itself even during severe weather conditions.

Gives a Luxurious Appeal!

If you are going to design your house in a luxurious way and want the most suitable material for driveway then definitely, resin bound is the best choice. The smooth resin bound in Hertfordshire goes well in luxurious places but the clay brick pavers go well with traditional places only.

Low Maintenance!

Resin bound can give a long lasting use with a low maintenance only. Brushing the surface in a smooth way is more than enough to remove the stains and dirt from the surface however weekly power washing is also necessary to keep the resin bound germ-free.


From the above comparison, it is concluded that resin bound is a more suitable material for luxurious and traditional places as contractors in Hertfordshire also suggest installing resin bound for driveways. You can go to Perfect Artificial Lawns as this company provides high-quality resin bound at affordable prices.