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What to Choose: Resin Bound or Clay Brick Pavers?

Whenever homeowners do renovation, they get stuck that which type of material will prove useful for their place. As driveway gives a unique touch to the entrance area so it is definitely crucial to choose the most useful material as driveways are more prone to wear and tear. Well, in Hertfordshire, people usually find it difficult to decide that whether resin bound should be installed or clay brick pavers. Well, it depends on the use and weather conditions. So, one should make sure to ponder the benefits of both materials.

Reasons to choose Clay Brick Pavers

  • Rich in Texture and Colour!

Although Clay brick pavers have been used for so many years however these are still considered best for driveways as the clay bricks are rich in colour and texture. Red bricks are quite common and look great as well. There are unlimited styles available in the market that means you won’t have to struggle for finding your favourite bricks.

  • Require Less Workmanship!

The clay bricks are easy to install and require less workmanship which is also an advantage of choosing these bricks for driveways. Moreover, time can also be saved while installing the bricks.

Reasons to choose Resin Bound

  • Hardwearing!

Resin bound is one of the most effective materials and contractors also recommend homeowners to install resin bound in Hertfordshire. If you want a long lasting use of driveway then there is no best option than resin bound as it resists wear and tear which makes it a strong material.

  • Smooth Surface!

When resin bound is selected for driveways, it ensures a smooth surface which gives an enticing appeal to the place. The surface resists the UV light and so the original shine of the driveway stays for a long time. Resin bound actually sustains itself even during severe weather conditions.

Gives a Luxurious Appeal!

If you are going to design your house in a luxurious way and want the most suitable material for driveway then definitely, resin bound is the best choice. The smooth resin bound in Hertfordshire goes well in luxurious places but the clay brick pavers go well with traditional places only.

Low Maintenance!

Resin bound can give a long lasting use with a low maintenance only. Brushing the surface in a smooth way is more than enough to remove the stains and dirt from the surface however weekly power washing is also necessary to keep the resin bound germ-free.


From the above comparison, it is concluded that resin bound is a more suitable material for luxurious and traditional places as contractors in Hertfordshire also suggest installing resin bound for driveways. You can go to Perfect Artificial Lawns as this company provides high-quality resin bound at affordable prices.