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What should we not follow for small outdoor spaces?

Who else doesn’t want to spruce up the appearance of outdoor space? Everyone wants to be but they are might be having small outdoor space and lots of things can’t be done. In this blog, we are going to let you know what things we shouldn’t follow at any cost while having small outdoor spaces. It will not only spruce up the appearance but we will be able to design something to impress. Take a look and do let us know how was it

Not Following basic design rules

 We all follow the same design rules as these are elaborated by the experts which might be for spacious outdoors. Always use common sense and follow basic design rules. Firstly, focus on the style & design, Space and focal point. While designing driveways we need to use the best material for a walk and follow the basic design. We can’t skip the basic design rules for even driveway. Driveways of Resin bound in Hertfordshire can be part of your small outdoor space if you people are following basic design rules.

Not Keeping a difference in outdoor & indoor design

 We need to understand outdoors designs are different from indoors and we shouldn’t carry in the same way as we are doing it for indoors. If you are pushed by some of your friend’s patio design then don’t directly copy his idea try to bring creativity.

 Don’t thrust too much furniture

 With small outdoor spaces, we can’t thrust everything to the outdoor area. Don’t make the space overstated with heavy furniture at a small space. Keep it a minimum rather than exaggerating anything.

Not accessorizing

 It’s not about placing anything in the outdoor area and not doing décor of any kind. This is not acceptable because if we are decorating the small outdoor space then we are investing some amount as well. Outdoor areas are hard to impress everyone mostly because of not well decorating. Adorn patios with statues, urns, hanging ornaments, candles, cushions, and lighting fixtures will make the space appealing and attention-grabbing for everyone.

Poor furniture arrangement

 Well, small home spaces cant digest the wrong furniture arrangement and while designing patio we need to be conscious of this. Arrange the chairs or sofas in a particular direction. Make sure you people are not using heavy or bulky furniture because it occupies huge space and you even can’t walk properly.

These things are not recommended at any cost and we don’t allow our readers to follow this. Perfect artificial lawns are not for giving you patio an appealing look with some important guidelines. Don’t forget to visit them at least for stunning outdoor space of your home.


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What to Choose: Resin Bound or Clay Brick Pavers?

Whenever homeowners do renovation, they get stuck that which type of material will prove useful for their place. As driveway gives a unique touch to the entrance area so it is definitely crucial to choose the most useful material as driveways are more prone to wear and tear. Well, in Hertfordshire, people usually find it difficult to decide that whether resin bound should be installed or clay brick pavers. Well, it depends on the use and weather conditions. So, one should make sure to ponder the benefits of both materials.

Reasons to choose Clay Brick Pavers

  • Rich in Texture and Colour!

Although Clay brick pavers have been used for so many years however these are still considered best for driveways as the clay bricks are rich in colour and texture. Red bricks are quite common and look great as well. There are unlimited styles available in the market that means you won’t have to struggle for finding your favourite bricks.

  • Require Less Workmanship!

The clay bricks are easy to install and require less workmanship which is also an advantage of choosing these bricks for driveways. Moreover, time can also be saved while installing the bricks.

Reasons to choose Resin Bound

  • Hardwearing!

Resin bound is one of the most effective materials and contractors also recommend homeowners to install resin bound in Hertfordshire. If you want a long lasting use of driveway then there is no best option than resin bound as it resists wear and tear which makes it a strong material.

  • Smooth Surface!

When resin bound is selected for driveways, it ensures a smooth surface which gives an enticing appeal to the place. The surface resists the UV light and so the original shine of the driveway stays for a long time. Resin bound actually sustains itself even during severe weather conditions.

Gives a Luxurious Appeal!

If you are going to design your house in a luxurious way and want the most suitable material for driveway then definitely, resin bound is the best choice. The smooth resin bound in Hertfordshire goes well in luxurious places but the clay brick pavers go well with traditional places only.

Low Maintenance!

Resin bound can give a long lasting use with a low maintenance only. Brushing the surface in a smooth way is more than enough to remove the stains and dirt from the surface however weekly power washing is also necessary to keep the resin bound germ-free.


From the above comparison, it is concluded that resin bound is a more suitable material for luxurious and traditional places as contractors in Hertfordshire also suggest installing resin bound for driveways. You can go to Perfect Artificial Lawns as this company provides high-quality resin bound at affordable prices.


Does Resin Bound Stone Suits Cold Climate?

resin bound

We all know with the arrival of winters conditions become worse and it’s essential for us to make outside surface of the home appropriate. Driveways and patios become somehow injurious with the freezing pooled water. Resin bound surfacing is of high quality with safety features that can deal with numerous problems that we come across in daily life. It will increase the aesthetic appearance in winters also. Resin surface provides strength and durability. In this blog, we are going to discuss why this is best for winters. Let’s check it out

Good weather resistance

Resin bound has high porosity stones it means all water is absorbed into the ground. Less water means less ice this is important to boost the safety aspect of our driveways in a colder month. This will give you peace of mind to residents because whenever we have to park the car, it must be safe for the vehicles to save it from various hazards. Mostly in season this type of surface protect us from the flash floods in winters.

Anti-slip properties

We all come across a problem where in winter we have to face instability because vehicles are on the ground. Stone quality of resin bound provide excellent traction for all type of driveways. It has excellent anti-slip properties. Resin bound surface offers safe and high friction surface throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what the weather is. Anti-slip resin bound in Hertfordshire is known for best traction because of its good weather resistant property.

Less Maintenance

Majority people want to keep it warm in winter, and this is the reason where the surfacing option of resin bound type need no maintenance. The UV-stable resin is naturally durable and doesn’t allow weeds to grow. No daily sweeping is required.

Long lasting Option

It always depends on the quality of stone and the method of installation that is being used on a daily basis for 15 20 years maximum. It means we would be able to enjoy the weather resistant surface for many years to come without paying attention to replacement. It will not only work for winters only, but it gives a long lasting option for us as well.

Quick Installation

Resin stones are easy to install right after the application, and we can use this within the same day or right after the following day. Quick installation and minimum fuss to mess always make the winter time ideal so when we don’t have to wait for this for even in winters, then this option will become best as well. We always encourage the things that promote safe driveway with the installation. Resin bound in Hertfordshire is quite common, and people are opting for this option because of its quick installation.

These are the main reasons which are making this option best for even in winters. It doesn’t matter you install this to your home or at a public place. It gives the safest option in cold weather. Get the best contractors that would provide the affordable services under the supervision of experts.