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4 Things you should ponder while de-cluttering a House!

Are you looking for ideas that can add a seamless and tidy touch to your place? In most cases, small apartments prove tough to design seamlessly especially when you have a lot of stuff to store. For de-cluttering a place, you’ll need to learn the art of disposing off. If you have items at home that have not been used for a year or more, you should definitely find a buyer for those items. Disposing of the useless stuff can make plenty of space for new items and you’ll be able to get a spacious appeal of the place. However, here, quality suggestions have been shared:

Sale out the Useless and Old Stuff!
The first vital rule of de-cluttering is to sell the items that aren’t required anymore. So, you should prepare a separate bag of such items and this is how you’ll make plenty of space for new items. Besides, if you have old clothes, you can do charity by donating those clothes to those who actually need them.

Make a Storage Room in the Loft!

In most of the homes, the loft is usually left with clutter and useless stuff. Why don’t you use the attic for storage purposes? All the prudent households prefer loft hatches in Essex for shifting the stuff because the attic serves the purpose of a storage room in the best way.

Put Small Items in Storage Boxes!

The small items may seem like they do not occupy space however, it is important to put all those items in the storage box so you won’t need to find them everywhere in the house. More on, you can label the boxes with the specific names that can make it easy for you to find the desired item in the specific box only.

Install Sliding Loft Hatch!
You’ll obviously require to shift the stuff every now and then so make sure that you choose the sliding loft hatches in Essex. It will make the usage easy for you and the shifting of luggage won’t prove hard to you. However, make sure that you hire an expert person for the installation of the hatch as otherwise, seamless cannot be obtained. In short, these suggestions are important to ponder as if you are concerned about making your living place free from all the unnecessary clutter. So, make sure that you follow these tips.

5 Impressive Ways to design a Loft Storage Room!

The loft of a house can be used in an efficient way if you prefer to ponder some useful ideas. For the homes that seem small, a loft is the best place to design for daily use. The households who live in small homes usually suffer storage issues however if they use the attic as a storage room, they can successfully eliminate the storage problems. Here, we have come up with ideas that are easy to implement. So, make sure to read all the points of this blog:

Make High-Quality Cabinets!

Cabinets prove perfect to keep different types of stuff and if you make high-quality cabinets in the loft area, it will become absolutely easy for you to keep the items in an organized way. Besides, you can lock the cabinet doors as if there are some precious items kept inside. The best thing is that cabinets do not require extra investment and you can do this work with a small amount only.

Shelves are good to keep large Storage Boxes!

Shelves are important to make in the loft room. You can keep the large storage boxes on those shelves in a quite organized way. The best way is to give some titles to each box. The households should mention the item names on the boxes so whenever they’ll need to find something, the description will help them to open the needed box only. It will save your time and better organization would become possible.

Install a Sliding Loft Board!

The easy access to the attic is obviously mandatory. There are unlimited options for loft boarding in Essex but you should prefer to install the sliding way. The sliding board is not only easy to install but it allows the most effortless access to the attic room. Sliding board saves space and looks classy too. So, if you have designed the whole house in a luxurious way and you are looking for some classy loft boarding ideas, the sliding board will absolutely prove great to you.

Ventilation is Mandatory!

The ventilation is important because you may have to spend an hour or two in the loft room. So, there should be a large window that not only provides ventilation but you get plenty of natural light too. So, one should follow these tips for making the loft storage room in an outstanding way.



What storage ideas you will get from loft conversion?

Storage ideas

Do you know loft conversion is not only resolving our space needs, but they are giving us some useful storage ideas as well? We always have to face the storage issues where we don’t find any place for keeping our important things safely. If I would say loft conversion has turned out the best place for storage, then nothing is wrong in it. In this blog, we have gathered some exciting storage ideas in loft conversion. Let’s check it out what else we can do for solving storage issues


Well, this one is a simple and most common solution to storage issues. We can customize as we want in the loft. It will make room for keeping all things in one proper place and organized. It doesn’t reduce the living area in the attic because most people prefer to fit in the wall.  Cupboards help to reduce clutter and keep the place neatly organized that is the wish of everyone.

Floating Shelves

Well, these shelves are the best solution to your storage distress. This one is best to keep all the books and other household things. It has been seen these shelves are easy to install and the best way to décor our loft because we always in search of finding something attractive. These shelves give endless options from style and storage point of view.

Storage units

When we move into attic conversion then here is the point to note that we don’t have enough space for extra storage cabinets except few ones. We can rely on wall fitted storage units or integrate that with cupboards, beds or in any other combination. Let me add one thing here that shelves are best for books and clothing cupboards are appropriate. These storage units can be customized anywhere. I saw numerous people keeping their bed lining under the bed storage unit. Loft conversion in Essex is having a huge variety of storage units with great combinations that no one wants to miss. So if you ever want to get some ideas, then you can see them.


How many of you have built in wardrobes in your home? Well, we can use this idea in attic place as well for keeping clothes in an organized manner. Custom wall storage is designed for every attic, and you can get massive variation in each design. We can optimize further this wardrobe by adding sliding doors.

Corner Units

In loft conversion, we may have come across only a few places for storage, and corner units are a perfect example for this. These units are not space wasted that can slide directly into the corner.  We can give these units an attractive look. Why don’t you pick glass doors? It will look best and provide a new style for storage units.

These are the few areas that we designate for storage in attic conversion. For more ideas and suggestions get some help from experts they may suggest you some better options rather than thrusting everything in a single place to get storage.