Top 5 things to keep your loft cool in this summer

Summers are around the corner and you must be thinking how to keep your home cool as much as you can. If you people have already dealt with extreme heating last season then you are definitely planning to follow some cooling tips. Here we are going to let you know the following things that you people need to follow for keeping attic conversion cool in peak temperatures. Take a look


Make sure you people have maintained the good airflow throughout the attic in summers so windows are best for good ventilation and for providing natural light as well. Invest in best ceiling fans that circulate the air throughout the space and regulate temperatures as well. Choose the best quality windows and fans for circulating the air in room temperature.


Insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cools in summers. Get done with the best insulation and high-performance insulation board should be installed for saving fuel cost and it keeps the home properly insulated. Make sure loft conversion must be insulated.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will increase the temperature of loft so make sure you people have taken precautionary steps for avoiding direct sunlight. You can have blinds and curtains for stopping direct sunlight. In daytime put down all the curtains for avoiding maximum heat. Loft conversions in Essex are much cooler because people know how to block direct sunlight and it keeps entire home cooler as well in the heating season.

Roof Color

Always use light-coloured tiles on the roof because it reflects the powerful rays from making loft extreme hot. Get the help of experts what colour they find is best for reflecting sunlight. You can also tell them about your own choice and if it is suitable for the home then they will definitely allow this but avoid re-tiling and painting again and again.

Air conditioning

Keep your loft cool with air conditioner and for this, you need to properly air-conditioned. It won’t be an affordable option but now it has become the need of every home. It is useful in hot days and nights. For all those who are worried about hefty bills, they can get solar-powered units for reducing hefty bills.

These are the things to keep loft cool in summers. If you all want to reduce the effect of sunlight then invest in good solutions rather than wasting time and money on useless things.

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