Top 5 things to keep your loft cool in this summer

Summers are around the corner and you must be thinking how to keep your home cool as much as you can. If you people have already dealt with extreme heating last season then you are definitely planning to follow some cooling tips. Here we are going to let you know the following things that you people need to follow for keeping attic conversion cool in peak temperatures. Take a look


Make sure you people have maintained the good airflow throughout the attic in summers so windows are best for good ventilation and for providing natural light as well. Invest in best ceiling fans that circulate the air throughout the space and regulate temperatures as well. Choose the best quality windows and fans for circulating the air in room temperature.


Insulation keeps your home warm in winter and cools in summers. Get done with the best insulation and high-performance insulation board should be installed for saving fuel cost and it keeps the home properly insulated. Make sure loft conversion must be insulated.

Avoid direct sunlight

Direct sunlight will increase the temperature of loft so make sure you people have taken precautionary steps for avoiding direct sunlight. You can have blinds and curtains for stopping direct sunlight. In daytime put down all the curtains for avoiding maximum heat. Loft conversions in Essex are much cooler because people know how to block direct sunlight and it keeps entire home cooler as well in the heating season.

Roof Color

Always use light-coloured tiles on the roof because it reflects the powerful rays from making loft extreme hot. Get the help of experts what colour they find is best for reflecting sunlight. You can also tell them about your own choice and if it is suitable for the home then they will definitely allow this but avoid re-tiling and painting again and again.

Air conditioning

Keep your loft cool with air conditioner and for this, you need to properly air-conditioned. It won’t be an affordable option but now it has become the need of every home. It is useful in hot days and nights. For all those who are worried about hefty bills, they can get solar-powered units for reducing hefty bills.

These are the things to keep loft cool in summers. If you all want to reduce the effect of sunlight then invest in good solutions rather than wasting time and money on useless things.

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How to find the best loft conversion construction company?

If you need a large construction company for a loft conversion, then for this, it’s essential to contact always contact a professional construction company to help you. Professionals can work quickly, efficiently, and safely on projects to meet your unique needs. Of course, it is essential to find the right company for your needs. If you want to find a suitable construction company, you must make sure that you follow the tips below:

Look at their previous record

Construction companies should be able to show you examples of their previous work of loft conversions so that you can evaluate whether the work they perform is suitable for your needs. It may be worthwhile to also talk with one of the senior employees of the company so that you can find out more information about the work that you are viewing, for example, how much the project cost customers and how long. Accept until completion. When you learn about their safety, you can tell you how they work. An accident history company is unlikely to follow standard best practices.

Know about Specialization

Try to find a company that is best for your project. Since the specialist already has the knowledge and experience to complete your project by the time, they will be able to complete the project faster, more successfully, and with a lower budget.

Worth to your project

When you are looking for a good company for a loft conversion, the cost is much more important than price, and it is essential to distinguish between the two concepts. If the company offers only a low price, you may find that they cut corners with their work or use materials of lower quality. These factors can significantly shorten the life of your project if the completed project does not meet essential safety standards. If you find a company that offers excellent value, there will be no problems with safety and ultimate quality. With companies of loft construction in Essex, you won’t find this problem anymore.


One of the main things you need to remember when choosing a construction company is accessibility. Some companies can only work on one project at a time, and therefore they may not be available for work when you need them. However, if you are more flexible about when you need to complete a project, you can choose from a more significant number of companies.

Get the assistance of best expert companies like Irving loft solutions because their experts put hard effort into the quality of work. They are more reasonable in town beyond your expectations.

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Top 5 things to consider while buying a skylight

Summers are around the corner and we all want to maximize the lighting of the home. There are so many other ways to give us an ideal solution to bring natural light in the home so skylights are best. It has reduced the artificial lighting effect to save money and give the natural experience. In this blog, we are going to share the few things that we need to consider while buying skylights.

Skylight Size

Skylight is available in different sizes and will leave a great impact on the illumination level. Make sure you people know the size that will get fit into the place. It will also help to control the level of lighting and heat to come into the home. Small skylights can brighten up the place easily and will be cost-effective as well.

Design Variations

Have you decided for an open or fixed version of skylights? Vented skylights will allow more air to and light in the home. Various manufacturers are paying close attention to the designs that will get fit into the home.


In winters we don’t want to escape the heat from the home and the latest models of skylights have reduced this hassle to some extent. We need to consider the U-value of opted skylights; the lower skylight will provide better insulation. Go for the expert advice so they can guide you better. High-quality Skylight windows in Essex comes with insulation guide.

Location to install

We need to pay attention to its location for installation as well. It should be mounted on the right position. Installation on north-facing roofs will provide cool illumination. If you will install on the west side of roofing then it provides the maximum lighting. Installation on the east side gives maximum heat and light.

Affordable price

It depends on whatever manufacturers you have opted for the skylights but makes sure you have to keep all the budget constraints in mind. Installation costs may vary from time to time but go for expert installation. The more complex installation will always in a huge price.

These are the things that need to consider before buying skylights. Get the help of experts for the installation and cost factors. Never go out of the pocket for buying expensive skylights because brands have reduced the prices to some extent but increase the installation cost

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4 Exclusive Décor Ideas for Small Homes!

Designing a small house requires a prudent approach and proves tricky as well. People usually prefer to maximize the small space through certain techniques and the conversion of the loft is one of the useful ideas of accurate utilization of the space. The majority of people put all the clutter in the attic however, they do it in a quite rough manner. If you want a lavish touch and the removal of clutter, the attic should be converted into a storage room where cabinets can serve the purpose. Well, here, we have shared the necessary tips that can surely make you able to get the best use of the small space.

Foldable Loft Ladder and Sliding Hatch!

For small homes, most of the items are usually kept in the loft storage room and it requires a proper path to reach the attic. So, for saving the space and creating a seamless appeal, you should prefer foldable loft ladders in Essex. More on, the sliding hatch allows entering the loft in an effortless way. So, if you want an exclusive décor, make sure that the clutter is stored in the loft.

Avoid Bulky Furniture!

The bulky furniture occupies extra space and makes a place look extra small so it is important to choose the furniture accordingly. In the first step, you should measure the dimensions of the room to buy the furniture of appropriate size. The best option is to go for customization as in this case; you’ll be able to create a seamless appeal.

Choose a Suitable Paint!

The walls of the house can add a spacious touch to the house as if you choose the most suitable paint for them. The expert designers recommend soft colours because they look great. Well, there should be large size windows in the house because they let the sunlight enter the place. So, you should add the soft paint colours and windows in the list.

Shrink the Dining Area!

Yes, if the family members are not more than five, the best way to maximize the place is to shrink the dining area. You can adjust the table within the open kitchen. The solid marble shelves should be used for multiple purposes as you can cut the veggies there and the same can be used as a dining table as well. The chairs should be placed near the countertops and this is how space will be saved.

How to design a Small Apartment in a Modern Way?

Are you striving to make your living place look eye-catchy and luxurious? As the New Year has entered our lives so it is obviously important to ponder the latest décor ideas that can add a modern touch to the place. Well, lavish décor doesn’t mean that you select expensive stuff for the place but it simply requires a creative approach. The small apartments can also serve the purpose if you make sure to utilize the space in an efficient way. Here, you’ll learn the necessary tactics of designing a small apartment while making sure of a modern appeal.

Make an Open Kitchen!
The kitchen can look outclass if you make sure to keep it open especially if it is adjacent to the lounge. The open kitchen doesn’t utilize extra space and you’ll be able to manage the sitting area of lounge for having dinner or lunch. The open kitchen looks amazing and if you have a look at the modern ideas, you’ll come to know that open kitchens are preferred for 2020.

Utilize the Space of Loft!

The attic area shouldn’t be left unutilized because it can serve the purpose of storage. The best way is to keep a variety of stuff in the attic especially if there is a bulk of stuff that isn’t used on a daily basis. You’ll need to make a hatch in the attic for easy access. However, it is indispensable to choose high-quality loft hatches in Essex because if you rely on poor quality, it may require maintenance or replacement every now and then.

Create Harmony!

It is quite important to create harmony while choosing the stuff for interior décor. You should be aware of the importance of small items even. More on, the selection of curtains, paint colour, wall art, and lights should also be done as per the modern theme. The soft colours go well in both traditional and modern home styles so you shouldn’t skip soft shades. Besides, there should be a connection among all the stuff you choose because it is the secret of creating harmony.

Try to make the Apartment look Spacious!

The size of the apartment matters a lot however the selection of appropriate themes can make small living places look spacious. In short, these are a few tips that can help you ensure the modern appeal of the house.

4 Things you should ponder while de-cluttering a House!

Are you looking for ideas that can add a seamless and tidy touch to your place? In most cases, small apartments prove tough to design seamlessly especially when you have a lot of stuff to store. For de-cluttering a place, you’ll need to learn the art of disposing off. If you have items at home that have not been used for a year or more, you should definitely find a buyer for those items. Disposing of the useless stuff can make plenty of space for new items and you’ll be able to get a spacious appeal of the place. However, here, quality suggestions have been shared:

Sale out the Useless and Old Stuff!
The first vital rule of de-cluttering is to sell the items that aren’t required anymore. So, you should prepare a separate bag of such items and this is how you’ll make plenty of space for new items. Besides, if you have old clothes, you can do charity by donating those clothes to those who actually need them.

Make a Storage Room in the Loft!

In most of the homes, the loft is usually left with clutter and useless stuff. Why don’t you use the attic for storage purposes? All the prudent households prefer loft hatches in Essex for shifting the stuff because the attic serves the purpose of a storage room in the best way.

Put Small Items in Storage Boxes!

The small items may seem like they do not occupy space however, it is important to put all those items in the storage box so you won’t need to find them everywhere in the house. More on, you can label the boxes with the specific names that can make it easy for you to find the desired item in the specific box only.

Install Sliding Loft Hatch!
You’ll obviously require to shift the stuff every now and then so make sure that you choose the sliding loft hatches in Essex. It will make the usage easy for you and the shifting of luggage won’t prove hard to you. However, make sure that you hire an expert person for the installation of the hatch as otherwise, seamless cannot be obtained. In short, these suggestions are important to ponder as if you are concerned about making your living place free from all the unnecessary clutter. So, make sure that you follow these tips.

Top 4 Color trends of 2020 for loft Conversions

Interior designing is incomplete without opting best colors whether you people are going to choose this for a loft or for the living room and any other area of the home. Let me add one thing here that right color selection always defines your space and when it comes to loft then don’t make any mistake while selecting a color. 2020 is being seen for the best colors along with great interior designing skills. Take a look

Rose Gold

 You might have hardly heard about rose gold from few years but nowadays this color is back in trend to spruce up the look of your attic. It is still popular and people who have opted for this color for their attic area they are definitely loving this. It adds grace to the loft and different accents of this tone enhance the appearance of the loft. Are you looking for a luxurious statement for the attic? Choose this color for adding a statement.

Caramel Honey

 This color was in the hit list of 2019 and still captivating the attention of people in 2020 as well. Choose this color for a refreshing feel and ideal for loft living rooms. Don’t forget to pair this color with artistic rugs and minimal furniture. Don’t occupy your space too much with heavy objects that might make you difficult to walk.

Dramatic Violet

 If you want to add some drama in the loft then what else would be better than dramatic violet. Choose this color for office décor or for a home studio. It adds grace to your place and soft furnishing will be used to pop out the appearance. Violet color has been a favorite of mine for several years and I am planning to feature my walls with these graceful tones. Decoration of Loft conversion in Essex is a bit easy here because experts are too friendly and they always help you out with the best designs and their color suggestion is outclassed as always.

Sunny yellow

 People who want to add some extra bold in their loft they definitely will go for such bold colors. What about sunny yellow? It is vibrant and perfect for loft space.  You can also go for a neutral color with sunny yellow to contrast something better. It will enhance the appearance and you will end up with some great designs.


These are some colors that will pop out the appearance of your loft in 2020 and Irving loft solutions are providing some great designs with the help of experts to give you striking results. Adorn your space with these magnificent colors to achieve the desired look


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Top 5 ways to De-stress your home environment

We all have busy schedules and the home environment is full of stress also. Stress environment of home makes us dull and tough to do anything new. Have you ever paid attention to de-stress your home environment yet? If not, then this is a time to pay close attention to de-stressing home because a relaxed and spacious environment recharges us and motivates us to do something new and creative. Here, we are going to share some tips to de-stress your home smartly.


Declutter your home first and whatever is scattered needs to be managed. No one ever liked scattered thing and it will create unusual stress in the home so sorted out everything first. Arrange a proper place for everything so whenever you will need this in the future you won’t have to face any problem.


Do you know somehow décor can change your mood swings? It’s imperative to renovate your home every six months to spruce up its beauty. Create a relaxed environment with soft color tones. Change the rugs to create a relaxing vibe. Place interior decors as well as wall paintings. Pay attention to decent furniture or whatever you can afford to invest in that.


The darkroom won’t give you people happy feelings and it makes the environment stress. Place skylight windows to bring natural light in the home. Skylight windows in Essex are available at a discounted price so get this for increasing natural light to eliminate stress in the home.


 Usually, small homes create a stress environment so why don’t you people move towards the extension of home? dedicated space always creates relaxation. You can go for a home extension that will meet the growing family needs and won’t mess up space.

Soft Colors for walls

Nowadays soft colors for walls are used to keep you calm. Cool colors just like blue, violets, pinks and greens can soothe you and give you calmness. It balances the energy of every room and you all people need to pay attention. Soft colors for walls are ideal and de-stress you from the hectic routine.


These are the things that help you to de-stress and we need to pay attention to many more things. Get the help of experts who will let you know about more things to de-stress your home environment. Irving loft solutions are one of the best company who is giving you valuable solutions for home extensions and how to renovate your home with skylights, loft conversions, and much more thing.



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Things you need to know about Skylight Windows!

It is a fact that every one of us prefers a lavish touch in our homes but we often do not possess knowledge regarding the products we bring into our home. The majority of people are aware of the benefits of ventilation but the actual use of windows is important to know. The skylight windows basically play a strong part in the overall ventilation process of the house however the use of roof windows is quite different. Well, here, you’ll come to know the hidden facts about skylight windows.

 Tax Benefits!

Do you know that if you replace a window with a skylight that qualifies the energy standards, tax benefits can be obtained? The regulatory bodies appreciate the households who use skylight windows for saving energy and the government always values such steps. The tax benefits will help you save money and you can reap several other advantages as well. The households prefer to choose skylight windows in Essex due to the tax savings associated with them.

Lavish Touch

The roof window can add a lavish touch to any place whether it is home, office, restaurant, hotel, or school. The expert designers also vote for the installation of roof windows for a luxurious appeal and people are actually taking it seriously.

Health Benefits

The roof windows are famous for health benefits because sun rays directly reach the place and deliver vitamin D. The pros of sunlight are unlimited especially if you are living in a cold area. The muscles of shoulders need sun rays in plenty of quantity and those who cannot go outside on a regular basis should surely install the roof windows in their living place. More on, the doctors also recommend these windows in hospitals for the improvement in patient’s health.


Besides the saving on tax, the skylight windows help in saving the energy cost as well. The number of bills can be reduced if you have roof windows at home. More on, the cost of roof windows is also not very high unless you go for the options with some luxurious designs. Well, simple designs always prove great in most of the homes and do not prove unnecessarily expensive. In short, these are the facts that are good to know as if you are planning to replace the windows with advanced ventilation idea. Roof windows provide unlimited pros and do not prove costly as well.

3 Home Improvement Tips that are easy implement!

You cannot naysay a fact that a well-designed home holds more value in terms of money and this is a reason that all prudent households prefer to invest in the home improvement projects. Well, budget is the first thing that counts in this regard however some DIY tips can help in eliminating the extra cost. Besides this, the first thing is to choose a theme that can beautifully lift up the whole appeal. Once you finalize the theme, the next thing is to manage the improvement tasks and budget. So, here, you’ll learn some exciting tips that are absolutely easy to implement:

Change the theme of Entrance!

The entrance of the house is the first thing that reveals the whole appeal of the house. So, it is mandatory to amazingly design the front area of the house. The front doors in Nottingham are usually available in multiple styles so you can get the one that seems perfect for your required theme. Well, besides the door, you should prefer to keep some stylish plants there. More on, the wall hanging lighting globes also look fabulous. However, it is crucial to add a spacious touch because the entrance is the area where you’ll have to drive the vehicles.

Efficiently use the Unutilized Area!

The unutilized area of the house also needs to be designed in a wonderful way and you can do this by simply converting the loft into a room. Yes, an attic conversion is the best way to style a house and it adds significant value to the house. The property owner can simply get an increase of 30% by converting the loft area. Besides, the overall exterior will also show an amazing view. However, it requires a slightly large investment so make sure that you initiate this project only if you can afford the budget.

Curtains, Flooring, and Wall Paint!

The next thing is to change the curtains, floor, and wall paint. Although, the stylish front doors in Nottingham play an important part in the overall improvement project but replacing the curtains, floor, and wall paint with something new can also do magic to your place. However, for the selection of quality doors, you can contact Sanctuary Home Improvements, which is the largest company in the town. These tips can help you achieve the improvement goals and you’ll get a stunning appeal of the house.