Top 4 Color trends of 2020 for loft Conversions

Interior designing is incomplete without opting best colors whether you people are going to choose this for a loft or for the living room and any other area of the home. Let me add one thing here that right color selection always defines your space and when it comes to loft then don’t make any mistake while selecting a color. 2020 is being seen for the best colors along with great interior designing skills. Take a look

Rose Gold

 You might have hardly heard about rose gold from few years but nowadays this color is back in trend to spruce up the look of your attic. It is still popular and people who have opted for this color for their attic area they are definitely loving this. It adds grace to the loft and different accents of this tone enhance the appearance of the loft. Are you looking for a luxurious statement for the attic? Choose this color for adding a statement.

Caramel Honey

 This color was in the hit list of 2019 and still captivating the attention of people in 2020 as well. Choose this color for a refreshing feel and ideal for loft living rooms. Don’t forget to pair this color with artistic rugs and minimal furniture. Don’t occupy your space too much with heavy objects that might make you difficult to walk.

Dramatic Violet

 If you want to add some drama in the loft then what else would be better than dramatic violet. Choose this color for office décor or for a home studio. It adds grace to your place and soft furnishing will be used to pop out the appearance. Violet color has been a favorite of mine for several years and I am planning to feature my walls with these graceful tones. Decoration of Loft conversion in Essex is a bit easy here because experts are too friendly and they always help you out with the best designs and their color suggestion is outclassed as always.

Sunny yellow

 People who want to add some extra bold in their loft they definitely will go for such bold colors. What about sunny yellow? It is vibrant and perfect for loft space.  You can also go for a neutral color with sunny yellow to contrast something better. It will enhance the appearance and you will end up with some great designs.


These are some colors that will pop out the appearance of your loft in 2020 and Irving loft solutions are providing some great designs with the help of experts to give you striking results. Adorn your space with these magnificent colors to achieve the desired look


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